Email Templates - Payment Receipts

You can customize the email template for payment/refund receipts for memberships, events, and other under Customization > Emails.

The following are tags supported in the membership, event and other payment receipts:

[now] - Current date
[us] - Name of your organization
[website] - Website for your organization (as setup under Organization Settings)
[uid] - Account ID (if member)
[nam] - Account Name
[ctc] - Contact name
[biz] - Organization name
[eml] - Email address
[phn] - Account phone number
[address] - Address, formatted as one line, excluding country
[address1] - Address line 1
[address2] - Address line 2 (excluding country)
[country] - Address country (2 letter code)
[txn] - Transaction ID (credit card transactions)
[last4] - Last 4 digits of credit card if available (credit card transactions)
[method] - Method of payment (card+last4 or other)
[total] - Transaction amount
[tax] - Tax
[pretax] - Transaction amount excluding tax
[due] - Payment due (offline billing)
[itemtable] - Table showing items, quantity, price and subtotal - this table cannot be customized
[dcc] - Discount code
[instructions] - Payment instructions (offline billing)
[label] - Membership level (membership only)
[title] - Title (event or form only)
[time] - Date/time of event (event only)
[location] - Location of event (event only)