Importing Payments & Timeline Notes

You can also import payments and notes to the Timeline under the account with the following column titles accordingly. Note that you can only upload 1 note and 1 payment of each type per row, if you need to upload more transactions you will need to use the update feature described below.

  • Membership Payment Date
  • Membership Payment Amount
  • Membership Payment Tax
  • Membership Payment Note
  • Event Payment Date
  • Event Payment Amount
  • Event Payment Tax
  • Event Payment Note
  • Event Payment Event
  • Donation Payment Date
  • Donation Payment Amount
  • Donation Payment Tax
  • Donation Payment Note
  • Other Payment Date
  • Other Payment Amount
  • Other Payment Tax
  • Other Payment Note
  • Note Date
  • Note Note
  • Note Tags

Note: "Event Payment Event" refers to the event name. Event payments can be imported into Timelines, but they would not be associated with any event on your event calendar even if the event name is the same.

Importing Multiple Payments/Notes Per Account

If you have multiple payments or Timeline notes that need to be imported for each account, it would be easiest to import the accounts first, the upload the payments or Timeline notes as an update. Separate payments of each type and Timeline notes into separate spreadsheets - ie. 1 spreadsheet for all the donations, 1 spreadsheet for all the membership payments, 1 spreadsheet for all the Timeline notes, etc. Use the column headings above for the information for the payment type or Timeline note. Then add the "Account ID" column, or "Update Only" plus "Email" or "Account Name" column, so we know which account to associate that entry/row with:

  • If using the Account ID column, the row value should indicate the account ID of the member account you want to add the entry to.
  • If using the Update Only column, each row value should be "Y", and you will need to provide either the Email or Account Name column for us to match the appropriate member account. Note that if we find more than one matching email address or account name, the entry will not be imported as we would not know which account to properly add the entry to.

Emailing Receipts

If you are importing payments as a batch and need to email receipts to your members, you can include a column titled "Email Receipt", with row values "Y" to indicate that we should send out a receipt email for the payment. Note that we recommend not importing more than 500 payments requiring emailed receipts at a time.