Single Sign-On With Website Toolbox Forums


Go to Organization Settings > SSO and select "Website Toolbox Forum":

  1. Enter your Website Toolbox username
  2. Enter your Website Toolbox API key. The API key can be obtained from Website Toolbox by going to Settings > Single Sign-On.
  3. Click on the folders/labels the user must have to be allowed access to the forum. Enabled folders/labels will turn blue.

Click on "Save & Continue" to save your settings.

Next create a page on your website to direct members and paste the following HTML snippet on the page (either in the content or in the header). This is a "gateway" page that acts as a gateway to check if the member is allowed to access the forum, and then redirect them to the forum page.

Important!  You cannot use an embedded forum, where the forum is embedded on a page on your website using the Website Toolbox snippet. This is due to cookie precautions on browsers such as Safari and Firefox. Your forum must be on the default Website Toolbox URL (eg. or setup on a sub-domain.

Enter the URL to your forum (eg. below, making sure to include the HTTP/HTTPS and the trailing backslash, and the URL to redirect the user in case they are not allowed access to the forum. It is important that you provide both URLs, and neither URL should be the URL of the page where you placed this snippet on:

URL of forum
URL to redirect user not allowed access
<script>(function(){var i;location=/^SFssowtb=[^;]*|\sSFssowtb=[^;]*/.test(document.cookie)?("?authtoken="+decodeURIComponent(document.cookie.match(/^SFssowtb=[^;]*|\sSFssowtb=[^;]*/)).split('=')[1].split(' ')[1]+"&remember=1"):"";})();</script>

Integration notes

When a user signs up on your website or signs in, our system will log them into your Website Toolbox forum provided:

  1. The user's account has non-empty Account Name and Email fields, which is required to create the Website Toolbox account for the user.
  2. The user has at least one of the required folders/labels.
  3. The user's membership is not expired more than the number of days specified by the setting "disable member only content/tickets/items after past due this number of days" under Organization Settings > Integration > Membership Settings.

Note that this check is only performed during sign in or sign up. If there is a change to the folder/label or number of days past due during the session, the user will still be able to access the forum until such time 

Automatically signing member out if they logout of Website Toolbox

If you want members to be signed out of MembershipWorks when they sign out of Website Toolbox, from your Website Toolbox account go to Settings > Single Sign On > Log Out Page and enter the URL to the page on your website where you have placed the sign out shortcode/HTML snippet from MembershipWorks. Upon logging out of the forum, the member will be redirected to this page where they would be signed out of MembershipWorks.