Common Problems

Not Working For Some Users With Internet Explorer

A common issue is the Internet Explorer "Compatibility View" which is easily triggered by a user as it is located on the URL bar right next to the refresh button. To disable Compatibility View for your website, include the following in the <head> section of the theme/site. <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EDGE" /> Note that our system requires Internet Explorer 8 and above, we do not support Internet Explorer 7 and older browsers.

Sign-Up Form Not Showing Membership Level / Billing Option

1. Make sure the membership level has "Allow signup for this membership from website" enabled under Labels & Membership > Membership Levels. 2. Make sure the billing options under the membership level has "Allow members to select this billing option" enabled. 3. If you had specified a credit card billing method for the billing options/membership level, make sure that you have enabled a payment gateway under Organization Settings > Integration > Payments. 4. Replace the shortcode/HTML...

Sorting Membership Levels On Signup Form

Our system displays membership levels on the signup form from the most expensive to the lowest cost. Although this seems counter-intuitive, it is actually a conversion technique designed to maximize your signup rates, using an effect known as Anchoring ( By anchoring the visitor with the more expensive option first, the lower cost options appear more reasonable and attractive. If you prefer to specify the order the membership levels appear, replace the s...

Member / Event Widget Links Not Working

Update the URLs to your directory and event page under Organization Settings > Integration > Website Integration

Error When Paying For Events / Membership - Paypal

You will need a Paypal Pro ( account for us to accept credit card information on your website, without redirecting visitors to Paypal. This is also necessary for us to be able to connect to Paypal directly to update information about transaction fees, taxes, membership status, and payment status. If you want to use Automatic Recurring Billing for memberships, you will also need Recurring Payments (

Zip Codes Missing Leading Zero In CSV Export

We do export the leading zero, however Excel automatically formats the leading zero out. You will need to use the Excel import feature to force Excel not to format the text - go to Excel > File > Import, then follow the prompts to import the file as a CSV, there will be a step where you can set the data type for the column, you will need to make sure the postal code column is "Text" and not "General".