HTML5 Snippets

You can integrate our system with your website using HTML snippets. Create a page on your website for each feature you need, and then place the corresponding HTML snippet on that page. For example, if you want a page for members to sign in and manage their account, create a page on your website, select the "Member sign-in and manage account" option below to obtain the HTML snippet, then place that snippet on the page.

Note 1: You can only use 1 embed code per page.

Note 2: Previews for the pages with HTML snippets may not work properly. Use a different browser (where you are not logged into Squarespace/Weebly/etc) to view the actual site.

Note 3: HTML snippets for forms/carts/donations and single event registration can be obtained from the respective form or event dashboard.

Note 4: For SquareSpace, please disable Ajax loading for your template

<div id="SFctr" class="SF" data-org="" data-ini="" data-scl="0" data-sfi="1" style="position:relative;height:auto"><div id="SFpne" style="position:relative"><div class="SFpne">Loading...</div></div><div style="clear:both"></div></div><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
Copy and paste the HTML snippet from the yellow box on your page.