Folders & Labels

There are 2 ways to organize your members, using Labels and Folders:


Labels are for categorizing your members. You can use labels to create filterable categories for your directory (see directory search customization), you can also allow members to update certain labels themselves.

To create a label, go to Labels & Membership > Labels. Click on "New Label", give your label a title and click "Save".

To add a label to a member, from the member's profile, click on the "Add Label" button below the member's name. To remove a label, simply click on the existing label and confirm by clicking "Delete Label".


Click on the Folders menu, and that will show you all your folders. You will initially have just a "Members" folder. In general we recommend keeping all your accounts in the "Members" folder for simplicity, but there are a few situations where you might want to create additional folders.

If you made any recommendations, you will also see a "Recommend" folder. When you recommend a member, that account will be added to your "Recommend" folder. To remove your recommendation just remove the account from your "Recommend" folder.

Folders are very similar to labels, with certain important differences:

  • If you have multiple administrators, you can limit access by folders, but not by labels.
  • A members directory can only display accounts from a single folder, there is no way to display a directory across folders.
  • An account must be in at least 1 folder.
  • You can associate a label with an additional contact but not folders, folders only apply to accounts.

If you are unsure which to use, you will most likely want to use labels. Use folders when you might need to provide limited access to accounts for secondary administrators.

Copy & Moving Members Between Folders

If you have multiple folders, you can copy or move members between folders. From the member's account click on "Copy/Move" and select the folder you want to add the account to. If you have "Keep a copy in this folder" checked, the account will be copied to the new folder, while remaining in the current folder. Otherwise the account will be moved to the new folder and removed from the current one.

Note that when you copy an account to a second folder, it still remains 1 account, it simply exists in more than 1 folder. Accounts must exist in at least 1 folder.

You see the list of folders an account is in below the account name. You can directly remove an account from a folder by clicking on the folder link in that list, and select "Remove From Folder".