Printable HTML Box For Membership Templates

The Printable HTML box allows you to place HTML with the member's information on the member account templates. It can be used to create printable membership cards, printable certificates, and more. Please consult with a developer if you cannot work directly with HTML.

To make your HTML printable, you should reference sizes and positions using "in" (inch), "cm" (centimeters), "pt" (points), etc. We use a default font size of 11pt inside the box if you enable the printing feature.

The following is an example of a credit card sized membership card (3.5 inch by 2.25 inch):

<div style="width:3.5in;height:2.25in;border:1px solid #aaa"><div style="padding:0.2in 0.1in;background-color:#555;color:white;font-size:13pt">Membership Card</div><div style="padding:0.1in">[nam]<br>[adr]</div><div style="padding:0.1in"><strong style="font-weight:600">[lvl]</strong><br>Member since [joi]<br>Membership expires [ren]</div></div>

The following is a list of tags that can be used in the Printable HTML box:

  • [now] - Current date
  • [uid] - Account ID
  • [nam] - Account name
  • [ctc] - Contact name
  • [biz] - Organization name
  • [eml] - Account email
  • [emd] - Public directory email
  • [pos] - Position
  • [web] - Website
  • [adr] - Address
  • [phn] - Phone
  • [cel] - Mobile
  • [fax] - Fax
  • [sky] - Skype
  • [cnm] - Business card tagline
  • [lgl] - Business card image
  • [lgx] - Business card image (large)
  • [pfl] - Profile description
  • [x__] - Custom field - use the 2-letter identifier (in lower case) after the "x". For example for "LF", the shortcode would be [xlf].
  • [lvl] - Membership level
  • [aon] - Membership add-ons (comma separated)
  • [end] - Next renewal date
  • [joi] - Join date