Directory List Template

This template controls what information is shown in the list view of your members directory (as opposed to the directory profile for a single member when you click on a member in the list). By default, the directory list shows a small logo or headshot, the account name, tagline, and small icons indicating if the member has a deal and/or recommendation.

The directory list template can be customized in HTML. You can use the following tags to embed information from the account, as well as conditional tags.

  • [nam] - Account name
  • [ctc] - Contact name
  • [biz] - Organization name
  • [pos] - Position
  • [adr] - Address
  • [web] - Website
  • [phn] - Phone
  • [cel] - Mobile
  • [fax] - Fax
  • [sky] - Skype
  • [lgo] - Logo (image)
  • [cnm] - Business card tagline
  • [pfl] - Profile description
  • [x__] - Custom field (text) - use the 2-letter identifier (in lower case) after the "x". For example for "LF", the shortcode would be [xlf].

When customizing the template, make sure there is sufficient space to display all the information, and that it is properly responsive across all screen sizes (desktop to mobile).

The following example displays the member's address and phone number instead of the tagline:

[lgo]<div class="SFcrdtxt"><div class="SFcrdnam">[nam]</div><div style="margin-top:10px">[adr]</div><div style="margin-top:10px">[phn?<i class="SFicophn_b" style="margin-right:10px"></i>][phn]</div></div><div class="SFcrdrec">[cpn?<i class="SFicotag_r" alt="Deal" style="margin-right:4px;"></i>][ir5?<i class="SFicorec_r" alt="Recommended" title="Recommended"></i>]</div>