Directory Profile Template

This template controls how the member profile is displayed in the directory. HTML knowledge may be required if you need to deviate from the default template significantly.

Tabs & Boxes

The directory profile template is organized as "Tabs", which contains "Boxes".

Each tab is given a 1-word name, this name is displayed in the navigation menu and in the URL.

Each box can either contain custom HTML, or serves a specific/special function - profile gallery, deals, contacts, map, social links, user labels and recommendations.

When the profile is generated to your website visitor, empty boxes and tabs are dynamically removed. eg. If the member has no deal, the deal box is removed.

Re-Arranging Tabs & Boxes

You can click and drag tabs and boxes around to re-arrange them. When dragging, a black bar will appear in the space between the tabs and boxes indicating where the item will be dropped.

Example: Adding Profile Links To Member Profiles

Custom HTML Boxes

In a Custom HTML box, you can craft your HTML directly and have the information appear exactly the way you need it to. Member information can be embedded into the HTML using the following tags:

  • [_id] - Account ID (text)
  • [nam] - Account name (text)
  • [ctc] - Contact name (text)
  • [biz] - Organization name (text)
  • [pos] - Position (text)
  • [web] - Website (link)
  • [phn] - Phone (links)
  • [cel] - Mobile (links)
  • [fax] - Fax (links)
  • [sky] - Skype (link)
  • [lgo] - Logo (image)
  • [cnm] - Business card tagline (text)
  • [pfl] - Profile description (text/html)
  • [x__] - Custom field (text) - use the 2-letter identifier (in lower case) after the "x". For example for "LF", the shortcode would be [xlf].
  • [joi] - Join date
  • [end] - Membership expiration date
  • [lvl] - Membership level
  • [aon] - Membership add-on (comma separated)

You can also insert HTML based on whether a field is set or empty using conditional tags (great for check box fields):

  • [xxx?This HTML or text will be inserted if field xxx is set]
  • [xxx!This HTML or text will be inserted if field xxx is not set or empty]

Note that you cannot use the closing "]" bracket within the HTML or text you want to appear, so you would have to escape it as "]". You also cannot embed another tag inside the conditional tag.

Additional guidelines for Custom HTML boxes:

  1. Each  box is given its own DIV container with position:relative, and 40px margin between boxes. Margins are subject to change, so design each HTML box to be self contained.
  2. Design for a fluid layout! Do not make any assumption about the box width.
  3. Minimize your HTML (ie. eliminate line breaks, spaces).
  4. Scripts cannot be loaded in HTML boxes. However iframes and inlined Javascript is OK.