Setup Checklist


  1. Setup your payment processor, currency and tax rules under Organization Settings > Integration
  2. Add your membership, events, and directory pages to your website using WordPress shortcodes or HTML snippets


  1. Create your membership levels under Labels & Membership > Membership Levels
  2. Create your labels under Labels & Membership > Labels
  3. Customize your signup form under Customization > Member Sign-Up
  4. Customize your member manage form to match under Customization > Member Manage
  5. Import your members


  1. Create your event categories
  2. Add your events


  1. Customize your directory search under Customization > Directory Search
  2. Customize the directory profile template as needed under Customization > Directory Profile

Final Steps

  1. Update your notifications and website integration settings under Organization Settings > Integration
  2. Enable SSL on your website if you are taking credit card payments. A SSL certificate is required to provide a secure website for members to enter their credit card information. Check with your hosting provider about how to obtain and install a SSL certificate on your website. After installing the SSL certificate you need to "force" the pages to load over HTTPS (ie. make sure the payment pages cannot be loaded over HTTP). Please see Securing Your Website WIth SSL for more information.
  3. Check your payment gateway is setup properly according to our steps under Help > Billing Setup > Setup Your Payment Gateway
  4. Test your signup form - complete a signup with a real credit card (refund yourself afterwards) to make sure your members do not experience any hiccups. Check that payments are recorded in the Timeline and renewal dates are updated correctly.