Collecting Taxes

Go to Organization Settings > Integration > Tax Setup. To create a new tax rule, click on the "Add Tax Rule" button. Enter the area that the tax rule covers, for example "Texas" (state) or "Canada" (country) and the tax rate in percentage. You may define tax rules down to a city or zip code. If you leave the area blank, the tax rule will apply to all users regardless of where they are located.

How Are Tax Rates Applied?

These tax rates will be applied to all membership, event and form/carts/donation payments. Taxes will be added to the price specified for the membership level, event ticket or form item.

For membership and forms, taxes are applied based on the "Address" field. For events, taxes are applied based on the Billing Address.

Overlapping Tax Rules

If you define overlapping tax rules, for example, you define a tax rule for USA as well as a tax rule for Texas, users from Texas will have both tax rules apply - the applicable tax rate will be the sum of the 2 tax rates.

What Happens When A Member's Address Change?

The new tax rule will automatically apply at the next renewal. Taxes will not be pro-rated for the current membership period.

What Happens If I Change / Delete A Tax Rule?

All your members will transition to the new tax rate on their next renewal, there is no pro-rating or charges/credits for their current membership period. Depending on your payment gateway, our system may need to update recurring billing accounts for your members one by one, which may take some time. Please do not interrupt this process. If you encounter any issues with this transition, please contact us.

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