Transaction Fees

Fees Reported In Payments

These are not fees imposed by us. These transaction fees are imposed by your credit card payment processor, the card network (Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex) and the card issuing bank. The amount for these fees is detailed in your credit card processing agreement with your credit card processor. Every merchant that accepts credit cards will be charged transaction fees.

When these fees are reported to us (Stripe and Paypal Website Payments Pro), we will track them with the payment in our system, that way we can report your net receivables.

How Do I Add Fees To Payments To Compensate?

Your credit card processing agreement typically forbids you from assessing an additional fee for your users to pay by credit card. If you wish to compensate for these fees, you will need to include them within the amount you specify for the membership/event tickets/items.


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