Using Widgets

Widgets in WordPress provide a way to add additional functionality to your pages. For example, you can add a secondary navigation menu, a RSS feed, a list of upcoming events, and more.

Depending on your theme, there are different "sidebars" or "widgetized areas" on your site where you can add widgets. Typically these sidebars will appear on every page of your site, so you only need to add a widget once to have it appear throughout your site. Different themes may offer different ways of overriding what sidebars appear on a specific page.

Lets walk through an example of adding a widget to display your organization information at the bottom of your website:

  1. Hover over Appearance on the main menu, then click on Widgets. Your will see a list of Available Widgets in the center, and a couple of Sidebars on the right. Click on Bottom Sidebar to expand that sidebar. Then click on the Text widget, without releasing your mouse button, drag the Text widget over to the Bottom Sidebar area, then release your mouse button to drop the widget into the sidebar:
  2. Leave the title blank and type in what you want to appear in the footer of every page in the content editor. Check the “Automatically add paragraphs” box, then click Save: