Page Formatting Shortcodes

The following shortcodes can be used with the Blue Lift, Biblio, Feast, Pomegranate, Sky and Wilco themes to provide additional formatting for your pages:


Separator - creates a line to separate content.

[columns]...[/columns] [column]...[/column]

Allows you to create 2 or more columns side by side. Wrap all the columns with the opening [columns] and closing [/columns] shortcode. Then for each column, use the opening [column] and closing [/column] shortcode.


Forces content following the [clear] shortcode to start on a new line. This is useful if you have some left or right aligned image and need to ensure that the content is not going to be aligned next to the image, but instead start below the image.


Creates a section of content. In the Biblio theme, this creates a box and spacing around the content, in other themes it creates a line separating the top and bottom of the content from other content.

You can specify a background image for the section by using [section img="http://url-to-image"]

You can specify the text color and background color for the text content using [section color="text-color" background="background-color"]

You can specify the absolute position of the text content relative to the section using [section top="top-position" left="left-position" width="width" height="height"]

For example, to create a section with a background image, with the text content in black, in a box that is translucent white, taking up 50% of the width of the section and 100% of the height, starting in the top left corner:

[section img="http://background-image" color="#000" background="#fff;rgba(255,255,255,0.6)" top="0" left="0" width="50%" height="100%"]my section content[/section]

Note the formatting of the background css. The "#fff" color acts as fallback for browsers (Internet Explorer 8) that do not support rgba colors.