Renewal Notices

Renewal notices have to be setup for each membership level. Once you have created the membership level, you can setup renewal notices to be automatically sent to the members with that membership level before and after their membership expires.

Renewal Notice Settings

  • Notification type

    You can select to send either an upcoming renewal notice (before the membership expires), or a past due notice (after the membership expires).

  • Send ... day(s) before/after

    Specify here which day to send the notice to the member. Note that the notice will only be sent on that actual day (-0/+1 day). Notices will not be sent out retroactively, if the member's membership expiration date has already past the day, the notice will not be sent.

  • Applicable billing option

    Here you can select whether the renewal notice is specific to a billing option, or if it would be sent to all members regardless of the billing option selected for the member. The benefit of having the renewal notices specific to a billing option is that you can provide payment instructions specific to that billing option for your members.

  • Email title and content

    The title and content of the email you want sent to the members.

Maximize Your Renewals

It is important to create your own renewal notices to maximize your renewal rates and revenue. Here are some tips:

  1. Remind your members what your organization does, what you have already accomplished, and how their membership contributes to the cause. Remind them of the benefits of membership, instead of focusing on penalties. If you have exciting plans or events for the future, this is a great opportunity to talk about that.
  2. Provide directions on how and where to renew. Include the URL of the page on your website where members can login to renew (ie. your Member Manage page). If you allow payments by mail, provide the address where they should mail the checks to. Make it as easy and straightforward as possible for your members to renew.

Temporarily Disabling Renewal Notices

To temporarily disable renewal notices you can set the number of days to 99999.

Opt Out Specific Members From Renewal Notices

You can disable renewal notices to specific members by enabling the field "Do not send renewal notices" in their profiles. Note that you would first need to add this field to the Admin Profile template under Customization. You can also add this field to the Member Manage template if you want members to enable that option themselves.