Membership Levels

When you create a membership level, you first have to give a name and description to the level. The name and description will be displayed to your members on your membership forms.

Membership Level Settings

You will see the following settings below the name and description:

  • Allow signup for this membership level from website

    If this setting is disabled, only the administrator can assign this membership level to the member. This can be used for private membership levels - for example "Board Member", or for grandfathered levels that are no longer offered to new members. When this setting is enabled, this level will appear by default on your membership sign-up form. If it does not appear on your member sign-up form, this would be because you have specified only specific levels should appear for your shortcode/embed code. You will need to replace the shortcode/embed code on your membership sign-up page with a new shortcode/embed code from the appropriate Help page.

  • Allow members to be listed in the directory

    Enabling this will allow the members at this level to be listed in your public members directory. Note that there are other settings that also control whether a member is shown in the directory - whether the member is past due, which folder the member is in, and whether the opt out setting in the member account is set.

  • Notify email ... when a new member signs up

    Here you can specify email addresses to notify when a new member signs up from your website. Note that no notification email is sent when you add a member as an admin. For multiple email addresses, separate each address with a comma (no spaces).

  • Signup button text

    You can customize the text shown on the signup button on your member sign-up form.

  • Welcome email title and content

    This configures the welcome email sent to your members when they sign up from your website. Note that the welcome email is not sent when you add a member as an admin.

Billing Management

Once you have created the membership level, the next step would be to setup how billing is calculated for new members, past due members, renewals, and upgrades/downgrades. For more details on the billing management settings, click here.

Billing Options

This is where you define the prices and payment methods for the level. Note that if no billing options are defined, then the membership level is free. For more details on setting up the billing options, click here.

Renewal Notices

Here you would setup the automatic renewal and past due notices you want to go out to your members. For more information please click here


If you have created folders, then on this tab you can setup certain folder actions that take place when a new member signs up, when a member renews, and when a member goes past due. For more information please click here