Xero FAQ

Can I have different items for each membership level, event ticket, event group, cart item, etc?

At this time it is not possible to have a different Xero item for each specific membership level, event ticket, or cart item. However the description for each line in the invoice will reflect the specific membership level, event ticket name, cart item, etc.

When and how does data sync to Xero?

You have to trigger a sync of transactions to Xero from Dashboard > Financial (transactions by date range), or from the event/form Dashboard (transactions for the corresponding event/form), by clicking on the "Export Xero" button.

How many transactions can I export per day?

Xero has a limit of 5000 API calls per day. Each transaction can involve 1-6 API calls, so 800 to 5000 transactions can be exported to your Xero account per day.

Does exporting the same transaction twice cause problems?

We will remember when a transaction has been previously exported and will not create any duplicate invoices or payments.

What happens if a transaction has been updated (voided, partially refunded or payment received)?

You have to trigger a sync of transactions to Xero that would include the updated transaction. Our system will know when a transaction has been previously exported, and either update it accordingly (eg. recording a payment received) or generate a new credit note (void or partial refunds) to account for the changes. Note that if a new credit note is created, it may not have the same breakdown of items/information as the original transaction.

How do I disconnect your system from my Xero account?

Login to Xero and go to Settings > General Settings > Connected Apps. Locate our app under "Xero Connected Apps" and click "Disconnect".