Exporting Transactions To Xero

You can export transactions to Xero from several places:

1. From the Dashboard > Financial page, you can select a date range (at the top left corner), and click on "Export Xero" to export transactions in that date range to Xero. You will be prompted to select the types of transactions (membership, events, cart, donation, other) to export.

2. From each event's dashboard, you can click on "Export Xero" to export the event payments for just this event.

3. From each form under Forms Carts Donations, you can click on "Export Xero" to export the payments for just this form.

How Transactions Are Generated

Each financial transaction - membership payment, event payment and forms/carts/donations payment - generates:

1. A Contact if one does not already exist for the account/event/form registrant. We will attempt to match against an existing contacts in Xero by email or account name.
2. An Invoice or Credit Note (if transaction is a net credit)
3. A Payment for the gross payment
4. A Manual Journal or Bank Transaction for the transaction fee if a credit card transaction fee is recorded with the payment

The following diagram summarizes data flow to Xero:

Invoices / Credit Notes

For membership payments, the invoice will list the membership level, membership add-ons, and any discount or adjustment as separate lines. For event payments, the invoice will list each type of event ticket and any discount code used as separate lines. For forms/carts/donation payments, the invoice will list the items purchased and any discount code used as separate lines.

Each invoice line is a Xero item that corresponds to the type of transaction - membership, events, donations, cart and other. The items corresponding to each type of transaction is setup under Organization Settings > Accounting.

For example, the invoice below shows an invoice generated from a Forms / Carts / Donations transaction that includes a cart item, tax-free donation and an applied discount code:


Any payments received or refunded will be recorded against the deposit account (as setup under Organization Settings > Accounting) and applied to the corresponding invoice or credit note. Credit card transactions are identified by their gateway transaction ID.

Notes: single payment applied to multiple invoices

When the deposit account is a Bank account, we will export the payment as a single Bank Transaction, and then apply the appropriate amount to each invoice so the invoices are paid.

When the deposit account is not a Bank account, then there is no way for us to export that as a single payment to Xero. In this case we have to split the payment transaction up into multiple payments in Xero. For example, if a $100 payment needs to be applied to a $60 invoice and a $40 invoice, it will be exported as 2 payments to Xero - a $60 payment and a $40 payment - that is applied to the corresponding invoices.

Credit Card Transaction Fees

Your credit card processing fees (if such information is provided to us) will be recorded as Manual Journals, debiting the expense account you have designated for transaction fees during setup and crediting the deposit account for credit card payments. If the deposit account is setup as a Bank account, the transaction will be recorded as a Bank Transaction instead (as Manual Journals are not allowed), with the contact set as "Transaction Fee".