Setting Up Xero

To initiate a connection to Xero, go to Organization Settings > Accounting, select "Xero" and click "Connect to Xero". If you are not currently signed in to your Xero account, you will be prompted to sign in. When prompted, click "Allow Access".

You will then asked to setup the appropriate accounts, taxes and items to be from MembershipWorks:

Each financial transaction in our system will generate an invoice and payment, and these settings will be used as follows:

  • Each transaction will generate an invoice in Xero, using the corresponding items for each class (ie. membership, events, donations, cart and other) of transaction. You can setup your items in Xero under Account > Inventory.
  • Tax rates for each corresponding tax rule will be used for the invoices if tax is part of the transaction. You can setup your tax rates in Xero under Settings > General Settings > Tax Rates.
  • Credit card and offline payments will be deposited into the corresponding bank accounts in Xero. You can view and setup your accounts in Xero under Settings > Chart of Accounts.
  • Any credit card transaction fees will debit the credit card deposit account and credit the transaction fee (expense) account.

If you have not yet setup the bank accounts, tax rates or items in Xero, you can do so by logging into Xero. Once the accounts, tax rates, and items are setup, refresh Organization Settings > Accounting, and click "Update Xero Settings" to assign the settings.


  • Accounts must have an account code setup in Xero under the account settings
  • Items must have a sales account setup in Xero under the item settings

Once you have assigned the accounts, tax rates and items, click "Save & Continue" to save the settings.