Additional Contacts

You can store additional contacts in a member's account - for example information about family members, additional business locations, or people within the business or organization. To add additional contacts just open the member's account, click on "Contact" tab and then click on the "Create New Contact" button.

Allowing Members To Add / Edit Contacts

Members can also add/edit contacts themselves when they login to manage their accounts, if the Manage Additional Contact box is available in the membership templates (this is enabled by default).

Adding Labels To Contacts

You can associate a label with a contact. For example you can add a "Board Member" label to a specific person in a company. Note that only the administrator can add or remove labels from a contact, members will not be able to view or alter labels for contacts.

Keeping Private Notes On Contacts

The "Admin Note" field only be available to you, your members will not be able to see or edit your notes.

Displaying / Hiding Contacts In the Members Directory

You have the option to make a contact public or private. If the contact is public, it will be displayed in the Contact Information box in member's profile in the directory. The contact will also be searchable in the directory by name and by location. This is a great way to add additional locations for a business, or for listing people in an organization.

Note that contacts can only be listed as part of the member's profile, contacts will not have separate profiles or business cards in the directory.

Adding / Removing Contacts

When you or your member adds or removes a contact, that action (and the contact information if deleting a contact) will be recorded to the member's Timeline.

What Can Contacts Do?

Contacts can request a password with their email address and sign in.

When signed in, contacts can only update their own information; they will not be able to access any the account or billing information of the parent member's account.

Contacts inherit the access to members only content, tickets and items that the parent member's account has, in addition to any labels specifically associated with the contact.

If a contact registers for an event or purchases an item through forms/carts/donations, their activity will be logged in the parent member's account Timeline.