Timeline lets you see a member's history with your organization in one place.

What Can I Put In The Timeline?

You can enter notes, conversations, join dates, renewal dates, payments, donations, events, reminders and more.

How Do I Create Timeline Entries?

You can create Timeline entries in the member's account under the "Timeline" tab.

Join dates are created automatically if the member signed up online.

Renewal dates and membership payments are updated automatically when a membership payment is made online or through automatic recurring billing.

Label and contact changes are automatically logged.

Event registrations, payments and checks-in will also be tracked automatically if the member registers for the event using a matching email address.

How Do I Find What I Am Looking For In The Timeline?

Place your cursor over "Filter" to expand the drop down menu. By default, all topics will be shown. Uncheck any of the of the topics you don't want to see, the Timeline will then show only the topics that are checked.

If you are only looking for one or two types of entries, click on "Hide all" to quickly uncheck all the Timeline topics. Then check the topics you would like to see and it will re-appear on the Timeline.

Click on the "Show all" button to display the complete Timeline.

How Is Timeline Linked To Billing?

The membership billing system will use the Next Renewal Date in the Timeline to calculate payment due and anniversary dates.

The Next Renewal Date is the date the next membership payment is due. Conversely, it is also the date that the member is paid up to. A renewal date in the past would mean the member is past due.

When you set up billing for a profile it will automatically calculate the amount due according to the Next Renewal Date and the membership level settings. You can override the calculation in the administrative interface. However if you want the member to sign on to their account and update/enter their payment information, they will not be able to override the calculation, so it is important that you setup the Next Renewal Date correctly.