Member Accounts

How Do I Access My Member's Information?

By default your members are all stored in your "Members" folder. When you access your "Members" folder, you will see all your members listed in a business card format. Clicking on a card will bring up the member's account.

How Do I See Information About My Members?

From the member's profile, you can see several tabs at the top:

  • Profile - lets you view and edit your member's data/fields.
  • Membership Billing - is where you view and update the member's membership level and billing options.
  • Contact - lets you view the member's contact information, as well as any secondary contacts associated with this member's account. You can also email a member directly from this tab.
  • Timeline - is where you can see and add to the member's history (join date, renewal date, payments, events attended, etc).

What Are The Other Tabs / Buttons?

Clicking on "Move" will allow you to move or copy the account to another folder

Clicking on "Delete" will allow you to delete the account or remove the account from the current folder.

Clicking on "Refresh" will refresh the member's account with the most current information.