Importing Additional Contacts

When importing your member accounts, you can also import 1 additional contact with those accounts by adding the following columns as needed (note: only 1 additional contact per row):

  • Alternate First Name
  • Alternate Last Name
  • Alternate Name
  • Alternate Position
  • Alternate Phone
  • Alternate Fax
  • Alternate Email
  • Alternate Address 1
  • Alternate City
  • Alternate State
  • Alternate Country
  • Alternate Zip
  • Alternate Label
  • Alternate Directory
  • Alternate Note

The "Alternate Directory" should be set to "Y" to indicate that the contact should be public. Otherwise the contact will default to being private.

Importing Multiple Contacts Per Account

If you have multiple contacts that need to be imported for each account, it would be simplest to separate the contacts into a separate spreadsheet and import them as an update. Use the column headings above for the information for the contacts, and then include either the "Account ID" column, or "Update Only" plus "Email" or "Account Name" column.

If using the Account ID column, the row value should indicate the account ID of the member account you want to add the contact to.

If using the Update Only column, each row value should be "Y", and you will need to provide either the Email or Account Name column for us to match the appropriate member account. Note that if we find more than one matching email address or account name, the contact will not be imported as we would not know which account to properly add the contact to.

Updating Contacts Using Import

At this time it is not possible to update contacts using import.