Making Bulk Updates Using Import

To update existing member information, you can either:

  1. use a column containing the member's Account ID.
  2. include a column "Update Only" with column values "Y" to indicate that the information is an update to an existing member account.
  3. include a column "Upsert" with column values "Y" to indicate that the information should update to an existing member account if found, otherwise to create a new account using the provided information.

Using Account ID is preferred as there can be no confusion about which member to update. You can obtain the Account IDs by first exporting your membership list with our export feature. When using Account ID make sure the Account ID matches the the row, or you may overwrite an account with information intended for another account. If you sorted the spreadsheet using Excel, please double check that the Account ID column was included with the sort.

WARNING: There is no undo or restore when you make a bulk update. Bulk updates is a powerful tool, it has the ability to overwrite important information in your database. We recommend you download a copy of all current data as a backup before making updates, and update only what you absolutely need to (ie. do not include columns that are not being updated).

If you use the Update Only or Upsert column method, we will try to match the account by email address, or if no email is provided, the name on the account. If we find more than 1 account matching an email address, or name, the record will be skipped as we cannot distinguish which account to apply the update to. In addition, since the name and email is used to identify the existing account, you will not be able to update the name or email using this method.

You can also have us match accounts by a specific field (instead of email/name) for Update Only or Upsert by specifying the 3-letter ID of the field instead of "Y" on each row. Note that your uploaded data needs to include a column for that field that we are supposed to match accounts on.

Note 1: bulk updates cannot be used to change membership levels, membership add-ons or renewal dates for members who are on Automatic Recurring Billing. For other types of billing, if the membership level is changed, the billing method for the member will be reset to Manual Billing.

Note 2: the database is not a simple table that maps exactly to exported or imported CSV files. If you export a CSV file, make changes, and try to re-import it, some re-formatting of the spreadsheet may be needed. Verify your data meets the import requirements before proceeding.

Bulk Updates Affecting Automatic Recurring Billing

If you are making a bulk update involving membership levels, membership add-ons and/or renewal dates that include members on automatic recurring billing, please note that:

  • Changes to membership level are not allowed at this time.
  • Changes to membership add-ons are only allowed with Stripe at this time.
  • Changes to renewal dates are allowed with Stripe and (with CIM enabled). For Paypal Pro in most cases it is not possible to alter the next renewal dates.

If you wish you can cancel the automatic recurring billing for the members (see next section) in order to facilitate the changes to the membership level, add-ons and/or renewal date.

Canceling Automatic Recurring Billing With Bulk Update

You can cancel automatic recurring billing for members with a bulk update by including a column titled "Delete Auto Recurring" and entering "Y" on each row where you want the auto recurring billing cancelled.

Please be careful when using this function as this is irreversible.