Directory Search

The directory search template controls the search options for your members directory. The template is organized as a list of search "Boxes". Each box can either allow searches by fields, or can serve a specific search function.

  • Search by Keyword

    The search by keyword box is the main search box, it cannot be deleted or moved. Keyword search will search for words within the following fields - account name, organization name, contact name, address - city, tagline, and profile description.

  • Search by Location

    The search by location box will search the account address field based on a distance/center.

  • Search by Labels

    The search by labels box will allow visitors to search the directory based on your labels. You can have multiple search by labels boxes, allowing you to separate your labels into different types if needed.

  • Search by Fields

    The search by fields box will allow your visitors to search within specific fields, including your custom fields. For text input or select fields, our system will look for exact matches first, and partial matches if no exact matches are found. For simple text area or rich text area fields, we will search for results that contain the search phrase. For checkbox fields, we will only look for exact matches, since such fields are either set or not set. Address fields, social media links, privacy settings cannot be used for search by field.