Advanced Customization - Members Directory

Search Area Customization

You can create multiple pages on your website using the members directory snippet/shortcode with each page showing results in specific areas. Search area is specified by a location and a search radius. To specify a search area on the snippet/shortcode, replace "!directory/map" with "!directory/map/rad=xxx/zip=yyy", where "yyy" is a location/address, "xxx" specifies the search radius, and "map" specifies the (optional) map display.

The accepted values for search radius are "030" (30 miles), "060" (60 miles), "120" (120 miles), "200" (200 miles) and "X" (anywhere).

You can also create a dynamic link or button on the page to change the search area:

<a href="#!directory/map/rad=xxx/zip=yyy">my custom search</a>

The location/address can be a specific address eg. "123 Folsom St Austin TX, US", or a city eg. "Austin TX, US", or even a country eg. "Ireland". In the case of city and country, the search area will be centered on the city/country. Note that you should URL encode the address (ie. spaces should be replaced with %20, etc). Also be sure to test the directory to make sure that the address is correctly decoded/understood. Always include the country to prevent confusion - if you specify "Sydney", we will use Sydney Australia for users in Australia, but Sydney, Florida, USA for users in the USA.

Search by Country or State

To search results by country, replace the search radius (ie. rad=xxx) with the 2 character country code. For example, "!directory/map/rad=US" will retrieve all members in the USA, and "!directory/map/rad=IT" will retrieve all members in Italy.

For USA and Canada users, you can also create searches by state by replacing "!directory/map" with "!directory/map/rad=XX_YY", where "XX" is the 2 character country code and "YY" is the 2 character state code. For example, "!directory/map/rad=US_CA" would return the results in California, USA.

Re-Creating Any Search

As you may have noticed, the URL in your browser matches what you need to specify in the snippet/shortcode. So you can actually re-create any combination of search (search area, labels, search text) with a snippet/shortcode. Simply copy everything after the "#" symbol in the url and use that in the snippet/shortcode.

You can also create a dynamic link or button on the page to re-create the search, for example:

<a href="#!directory/lbl=zzz">my custom search</a>