Creating Accounts For Event Attendees

Event attendees who have an existing account show up on your event dashboard with a “head” icon next to their names. For attendees without an existing account, you can easily create an account for them in your system. From the event dashboard, simply click on the “+” icon next to the name. Select the folder where you want the account to be created for this attendee, and click “Create”.

Creating an account will let you track their history with your organization, including which events the person attended, purchases they make through your shopping page, donations and any forms they complete. In addition, you can also record notes, conversations, add contacts and more on the account.

You can also assign the account a membership level and renewal date, for example if you are offering event attendees a complimentary or trial membership.

When the account is created, we will automatically populate the account’s Timeline with any previous history based on the person’s email address.

Note that each account you create will count towards your account limit.