If you have not already done so, you can sign up for an Stripe account at stripe.com. Make sure to complete the activate account form in order to fully activate your account.

Step 1: Setup Webhook

From your Stripe account, click on Developers from the left menu, then click on Webhooks. Create a new webhook endpoint using the URL "https://api.membershipworks.com/fi/pay". If given the options, select "Live events" and "Send all event types".

The Webhook setting will allow Stripe to notify us when a payment is made, so your membership and event payment information will be kept up to date.

Step 2: Obtain Credentials

Next click on Developers from the left menu, then click on API keys. Note down both the Secret Key and Publishable Key which you will need to enter into our system in the next step.

Step 3: Add Credentials

From our system, navigate to Organization Settings > Integration > Payments. Select "Stripe" as the payment gateway and enter the Live Publishable Key and Live Secret Key.

Click Save & Continue at the bottom of the page to save the settings.

Invalid API Key/Unsafe Errors & New Stripe Accounts Created After Oct 2017

As of Oct 2017, new accounts have to process payments safely by tokenizing credit card information. This requires that you have a SSL certificate installed on your website and that you force all payment checkout pages (ie. Member Sign Up, Member Manage, Events, Forms) on your website to load over SSL (HTTPS). If your web pages are correctly setup with SSL, there is no further action you need to take, our system will tokenize the credit card information for Stripe.

If you do not have SSL setup, and need to process payments for testing, you can go to Business Settings > Integration. Click on "Show advanced options" and click on "Process payments unsafely". You will need to certify that you understand the risks and liability in not processing payments using tokenization, and provide the reason for not complying. You may not claim our integration does not support tokenization or that PCI compliance is handled by us. Securing your website with SSL is a basic requirement for PCI compliance.

Final Testing

Test your Stripe integration by actually signing up as a member on your website. You can always refund your own credit card afterwards. This is the only way to be assured that your signup form works. Make sure the transactions appear on the account timeline and the renewal date is updated correctly after signing up.

Note that credit card transaction/processing fees associated with the original charge may not be returned when a refund is processed.