Step 1: Add Credentials

From our system, navigate to Organization Settings > Integration > Payments. Select "" as the payment gateway, enter your API Login ID and Transaction Key. Then click the Save & Continue button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Setup Silent Post URL

Sign in to your account, click on the Accounts tab, then click on the Silent Post URL link. Here you will need to setup to notify us when recurring membership payments occur, by entering "" in the URL box:

Step 3: Enable Transaction Details API

Next, click on your Accounts tab again, and click on the Transaction Details API link. Enter your Secret Answer and click the Enable Transaction Details API button.

Step 4: Update Transaction Submission Settings

Go to the Accounts tab, click on Payment Form, then Form Fields. Uncheck any fields set to "required". And click the Submit button to save the settings.

Step 5: Enable Automatic Recurring Billing

Note that if you use Automatic Recurring Billing for your membership levels, you must be subscribed to Automatic Recurring Billing with You may also need to enable it from your control panel - go to Account > User Profile > Edit Profile Information and enable Automatic Recurring Billing.

Step 6: Enable Customer Information Manager

This step is required if:

a) You provided a Public Client Key in Step 1 and want to process Automatic Recurring billing

b) You want to be able to charge a card on file (Automatic Recurring billing) directly from the Timeline of a member's account

Go to the Tools tab and click on Customer Information Manager on the left menu. If CIM is not enabled you will see a form with a link to sign up for CIM. Click on the link and follow the prompts accordingly to enable CIM.

Public Client Key

If you provide the Public Client Key, we will use the Accept.js method to tokenize credit card information. This reduces PCI DSS scope for you as the merchant.

Final Testing

Test your integration by actually signing up as a member on your website. You can always refund your own credit card afterwards. This is the only way to be assured that your signup form works. Make sure the transactions appear on the account timeline and the renewal date is updated correctly after signing up. Please allow 1 business day for automatic recurring billing payments to be processed by