Setup PayPal Website Payments Pro

You will need a Paypal Website Payments Pro account. If you need automatic recurring billing for memberships you will also need to signup for Recurring Payments. Note that these services incur monthly fees with Paypal.

Step 1: Obtain Credentials

After logging into your Paypal account, hover over More in the top toolbar and click on Settings. Then click on My Selling Tools.

Click on API access, then click the link in Option 2. Note down the API UsernameAPI Password and Signature. If you see a Certificate instead of Signature, you will need to delete the certificate (if you are not using the certificate with any other system) and request new API credentials.

Step 2: Setup IPN

Click Back to My Profile to return to the settings page. Next, click on Instant payment notifications. Click the Choose IPN Settings button. Enter "" in the Notification URL, select Receive IPN messages (Enabled), then click Save.

Step 3: Add Credentials

From our system navigate to Organization Settings > Integration > Payments. Select "Paypal Website Payments Pro" as the payment gateway then enter the API UsernameAPI Password, and Signature. Click on "Test API settings" to make sure your settings are correct. Then click Save & Continue:

Final Testing

Test your Paypal Website Payments Pro integration by actually signing up as a member on your website. You can always refund your own credit card afterwards. This is the only way to be assured that your signup form works. Make sure the transactions appear on the account timeline and the renewal date is updated correctly after signing up. Please allow 1 business day for automatic recurring billing payments to be processed by Paypal.