Using A Different Payment Gateway For An Event

By default all event tickets paid for on your website are processed through your main payment gateway (Stripe, PayPal Pro or Your main payment gateway is setup under Organization Settings > Integration > Payments.

If you have an event that you would like the ticket payments to be processed by a different payment gateway you can override the default for that event. This is great if you are partnering with another organization on an event and would like all event payments to go to their account, or if you have partner organization that would like to sell tickets to their event on your website.

To add in a different payment gateway open the event and then select the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the Event Payment Setup box. Here you can set the currency and payment gateway for that event. If you select PayPal Website Payments Pro for that event make sure to update your PayPal Instant Payment Notifications to “”.

Don’t forget to save your changes!