Allowing Members To Post Or Access Events

Start by accessing your event category setup, then create or edit the event category that you want to provide member access to.

To allow a member belonging to a particular folder or label access to add or edit events, simply click on the appropriate folder or label box.

Once you select a folder or label, this will bring up the access settings:

  • You may set member added events to be hidden until you approve them by changing the calendar color in the event setup. If you enable this option, the member will not have access to set or change the calendar color.
  • You may want to allow members to add events to the calendar but not sell tickets on your site, since all payments would be processed through your billing system. So you can limit member access to the event setup tab only (ie. setting event title, picture, description, location and times). Members will not be able to access the dashboard, ticketing, registration and advanced settings.
  • If you are working with volunteers, you may need to provide access to the event administration so they could send emails, export data, or check-in people at the event. But you may not want to provide access to anything to do with billing (ie. adding, editing, or refund registrations), so you can disable access to registrations only.
  • If you do not want members to be able to edit or access events created by a different member, you can also limit access accordingly.

Note that contacts under a member account inherit the access available to the parent account, in addition to any labels specific to that contact.

Multiple Permissions

You may setup access for multiple folders/labels for each event category. You can also set different permissions for the different folders/labels. For example, you may allow a committee member full access, while a volunteer cannot access registrations.

If the member matches more than one folder or label, the member will given the maximum access as permitted across the different folders/labels. ie. if you set one label/folder not to allow access to registrations, but the other label/folder that the member also belongs to does allow it, then that member will be allowed access to registrations.

Notification Of Member Added Events

You can setup one or more email addresses to be notified of when a member adds an event to the calendar. For multiple email addresses, separate the emails with a comma.

Approving Member Added Events

To approve a member added event, simply go to the event setup, select a calendar color for the event, and click Save & Continue.