Event Categories

Event categories allow you to group events into different categories. Using event categories, you can:

  • Create event categories for your event calendar
  • Color code your event categories
  • Allow members to add events or access event administration
  • Display a list of upcoming events by category or multiple categories using the event widget on a sidebar

Event Category Setup

To setup your event categories, click on the "Add/Edit Categories" link on the Event Setup tab when adding a new event or editing an existing event. You can also click on the "Setup Event Categories" button from the event calendar or event list.

Displaying Event Categories On Your Public Event Calendar

To display an event category on your public event calendar, simply enable the "Display this category on public calendar/list" checkbox.

If you are organizing your event categories by colors, you may also enable the "Display color codes with category" option. This will display the allowed colors on the event category menu to provide a visual cue for your users.