Email Templates - Forms / Carts / Donations Email Receipts

You can setup email receipts to be sent to users under each form in Forms Carts Donations under the Settings tab. You can also setup email receipts to go out when a particular item is checked out under the item's Receipt tab.

The following are tags supported in forms, carts & donations email receipts:

[now] - Current date
[us] - Name of your organization
[website] - Website for your organization (as setup under Organization Settings
[uid] - Account ID (if member)
[nam] - Name
[ctc] - Contact name
[biz] - Organization name
[eml] - Email address
[phn] - Account phone number
[adr] - Address, formatted as one line, excluding country
[address1] - Address line 1
[address2] - Address line 2 (excluding country)
[country] - Address country (2 letter code)
[pwd] - Password (if member account created by action)
[title] - Name of your form
[total] - Purchase total
[tax] - Tax
[pretax] - Total excluding tax
[due] - Amount due if paying offline
[dcc] - Discount code
[txn] - Credit card transaction ID
[tks] - List of items separated by comma
[tkn] - List of items separated by line break
[rqa] - Form template questions/answers (per form's Form Template tab), in list format
[tqi] - Item questions/answers (item receipts only)
[tqn]  - All item questions/answers, in list format
[itemtable] - Table showing ticket names, quantity, price and subtotal - this table cannot be customized