Add / Remove Members

Adding Members

To add a member, go to the appropriate folder (eg. "Members" folder). Click on the "Add" tab on the top menu.

Removing Members

To delete a member, simply click on the Delete button from the member's profile and select "Delete account & all associated data". All timeline information, financial data, labels and membership levels attached to the member account and contacts under the account will be removed. If the member is on automatic recurring billing, you will need to remove the membership level first before you can remove the account.

Deleting an account will remove all financial information associated with the account. It will be as if the member never existed - the membership payments will no longer appear as part of the financial charts and reports, and transactions will no longer be exportable to CSV or QuickBooks.

To retain the financial information, or to keep track of past members, you can move the account from your "Members" folder into another folder. This way you can also easily restore them when they rejoin:

  1. Go to your folders. Click on "Create New Folder". Name the folder accordingly (eg. "Former members") and click "Create".
  2. Then click on the "Members" folder to access your members. Click on the member's card to bring up the account. Then click "Move".
  3. Select the folder you had created to store your former members, then click "Move". Note: do not check the "Create Copy" option as that will leave a copy of the account in your "Members" folder.