Emailing & Exporting Members

Who Can I Email / Export?

You can email or export any group of members you can pull up, through a combination of folders, links from the dashboard pages, as well as any additional search filters you have applied. Simply click on the "Email" or "Export" tab whenever you see a list of member business cards, and you can email or export that group of members.

How Do I Send A Group Email?

Once you have pulled up the group of members you want to email, click on the "Email" tab, and you will see the list of members receiving the email. If there are specific members you don't want to have receive the email, click on their card on the left and the checkmark will dissapear.

There is an option to "include all contacts under primary account". If checked, all additional contacts under the member accounts will also receive the email.

You can attach files to the email. Recipients will receive links in their email which they can click to download the attachment.

Emails we send operate like BCC - the recipients of the email will not be able to see the names or email addresses of the other recipients.

The emails will be sent as the name of your organization (as setup under Organization Settings), with the reply-to email as the email as setup in your account, so all replies will go directly to that email.

How Do I Email One Member?

Click on the member's business card to pull up their account, then select the "Contact" tab.

You will see a "Send Message" link under the member's contact information. As with the Group Email, you can send attachments and any reply will go directly to the email address setup in your account.

How Do I See Emails I've Sent?

If the email is sent from a folder, you can see all the emails you have sent from that folder by clicking on the "Mailbox" tab.

You can also go to a single member's account, from the "Contact" tab, click on "Send Message". A history of emails sent to that member will appear.

Note that this only shows emails you've sent manually, it does not include emails sent through our automated systems, such as renewal notices, password reset emails, payment receipts, event confirmation emails, etc.